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March 30, 2006

Boys Day Out March 2006

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Rory at the Opera House

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Dirk hatched a plan to go for a ferry ride with Rory and Khai. Khai and Dirk missed their train and while we were waiting we ventured along to the Opera House for a stroll. Rory spotted the Big Wheel at Luna Park and that was it. He was obsessed. Luckily Khai and Dirk were up for it so we all went over to Luna Park and took Rory and Khai on a few rides. They loved it. Then we had a big ferry ride. Great day! All the pics are on this page on my Flickr site

March 17, 2006

I’m an Uncle again!!!

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Newborn Megan G

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I’m an uncle for the second time! Little Megan G was born yesterday.
Here’s the news from Ben:
“Well she’s arrived a week early but is doing great!! Megan was born this morning and weighed in at 8lbs 2oz and is another beauty!! Mum and Megan are both doing really well.”
So cool. She’s abosolutely georgeous. In fact she looks a lot like Lucy. Maybe the whole thing is a fake to get lots of childrens clothes and toys.
Suki looks brilliant. Apparently the whole thing was over in two pushes.

All the pictures are here. I’ll add more as they come in.
Fantastic news.

February 22, 2006

Cyborg Name Decoder

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Rory is a Robot:
Robotic Organism Responsible for Yelling

Stay clear of his dad though:

Networked Individual Calibrated for Killing

Thank’s to Anita for pointing me to the Cyborg Name Decoder.

January 16, 2006

Bushwalking near Mittagong and in the Blue Mountains

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Old Railway Tunnel at Joida CreekOriginally uploaded by NicksMyName.

During the Christmas break we went on a couple of good bush-walks. This photo was on a good walk near Mittagong. It ended soon after this fantastic tunnel that was carved out of the mountain to allow coal to be transported from the mine on the far side. I can tell you that a good hour with Rory on your back saps your energy. I think it was at Joida Creek, but I am not 100% on that.
It was close to Mittagong. Maybe.
We also spent a fun day in the Blue Mountains with Khaled. We had the perfect weather for both walks: not too hot; blue sky; a little wind.
There’s more photos here:
or on my photo page at Flickr:

December 18, 2005

The Anti-Violence March in Sydney on the 18th of December

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The Crowd at Town Hall at the start of the MarchOriginally uploaded by NicksMyName.

After an incident on Cronulla Beach where two lifeguards were attacked by a bunch of thugs, a succession of racially focussed attacks happened in Sydney culminating in a riot the following weekend in Cronulla. It was shocking to see this happen in Australia. We were disgusted at the racists, the thugs, the media’s tacit support for the “These people should learn to behave more like us or they don’t belong here” theme and the many politicians who didn’t have the guts to condemn everyone involved.

A bunch of student groups hastily organised an Anti-Violence Rally in the city. We went along to give our support. There were the usual speeches which went from the powerful to the ridiculous (“…at the next Census write your religion down as Islamic Sympathiser”). It ended up in Belmore Park where we ran into Sean and Fiona. It was a beautiful day and there was a great atmosphere.

There are more photos at

We left for Vegetarian Yum Cha before the speeches started again. Mmmm.

November 4, 2005

Graduation Day!!!

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Rory, Nick and Jannene in the Sydney Uni Quadrangle

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I finally graduated from my Masters of IT at Sydney Uni.
It was a great day. When I last graduated back in Dublin I was really nervous and it sort of spoiled the day a bit, but this time I made sure I had a good time. We went out later on for dinner and drinks with some friends. I had a lot of fun. Rory was on best behaviour and looked after his new Graduation Bear very well!
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