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September 8, 2006

The Return of Nuclear Madness

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I promised previously that I would share good podcasts. So here’s one.
There’s been a lot of talk by world leaders about Nuclear Power again and it’s clear that the Australian government is using issues such as oil shortages and Australia’s uranium wealth to try to normalise the concept of Nuclear Power. (For readers ourside Oz, Australia does not currently have Nuclear Power or Weapons, but does have a reactor for medical purposes).

ABC Radio National had a great program about this the other night. (direct link to MP3 here) The story that comes through is that the US Govt.’s policy of allowing nuclear power outside the non-proliferation treaty has been driven by the Nuclear Power industry’s urgent need to get rid of the hundreds of tons of Nuclear Waste that noone in America wants in their state; and to start building reactors which hasn’t happened for 30 years. The tail is shaking the dog, and as America’s number one ally in the world, Australia is getting the fleas.

Have a listen. Then listen to this podcast from BBC World about Iran using classical music to sooth the perceptions about their Nuclear ambitions (direct link to MP3 here). How can we tell the Iranians not to use Nuclear Power if we want to do it ourselves?

Then while you are at it go back to a fascinating show on Australia’s original nuclear ambitions (direct link to MP3 here). None of which should leave you under any doubt about why the Australian government is talking up Nuclear (and it’s not because we are about to run out of coal and gas any more than Iran is about to run out of oil).

Once you have had a chance to listen to all that, do something about it and join Greenpeace!


July 5, 2006

Some good podcasts.

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About four months ago I started listening to Podcasts on my MP3 player. Since then I have become a bigger and bigger fan. I keep telling people about it but then it’s up to them to dig around and find the good podcasts. The other day Michael came over and we were talking about Podcasts. Rather than email him the list I thought I would put the links online so everyone could find them.

Australia’s national broadcaster ABC Radio National has an excellent selection of Podcasts that is expanding all the time.

Hindsight is a historical programme that had a brilliant series on the cold war. Lots of secrets have been released from the archives by the Russian, American and Australian governments recently and their series . There’s only one programme left on the site as a podcast but the other programmes can be streamed if you follow the links at the bottom of this page.

The Media Report covers mostly Australia media stories but this story about journalism in Afghanistan was pretty eye (ear!) opening.

The Irish National Station RTE has a pretty basic selection of Podcasts from their radio programmes but there are a few good doco’s in there. The Anti Jazz Campaign of the 1930’s is classic stuff. They also had an amazing documentary that was made in the 1950’s and interviewed lots of people who were at the 1916 rising. It was a really incredible thing to hear from people who were there at the time. Sadly it seems to have been taken off the site. It’s (still) available for download here (direct link to MP3 here).
On a far less serious note DiggNation is a lighthearted Technology Podcast / Video show based on stories from . The two presenters have a fairly good sense of humour.

The IT Conversations website covers a broad range of Technology Podcasts.

The Onion produce the fantastic President’s Weekly Address . Trust me; just listen to the podcast.

That’s about it for now. I’ll post more shows as I listen to them. If you hear a good one then post a reply to this post so everyone can share.

If you have never listened to Podcasts before the easiest way to get into it is probably to download some software that makes it easy to subscribe to and download podcasts. I have found Yahoo Music Engine with the Podcasts plugin to be pretty good. Although it can’t handle the firewalls at work. Itunes is very popular. I haven’t used it but no doubt it works well.

As I was doing this I realise that the ABC podcasts seem to get archived after about a Month. So if some of the links are broken that may have happened. So subscribe to the RSS feed to make sure you see them in time.

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