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July 10, 2006

Video of Rory’s performance at Shelley Beach

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Yesterday we went down to Shelley beach north of Manly to catch up with Brendan. He was in great form; he’s lost a ton of weight training for the City to Surf, but the most fun was Rory’s performance on one of the little picnic platforms at the beach.

Put your sound on if you want the full experience.

BTW: I recorded it on my phone so it’s best to watch it on as small a screen as possible.


May 25, 2006

Rory gets back to Luna Park

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Rory rides the shuttle at Luna Park

Originally uploaded by NicksMyName.

Rory has been doing toilet training for the last few weeks. We have had a sticker system going where Rory gets a sticker on the chart for every "Number Two" that he does in the toilet. Once the chart was full he got to go to Luna Park. This created an enormous amount of excitement over several weeks culminating on the big day.
A few solid weeks of dumping in the big loo finally paid off for Rory.

I had my new phone along which has a camera onboard so took a few shots. They're not bad. And very convenient to take since I don't have to carry the camera. Just have to work out a way to get them from my mobile to Flickr faster. Might be able to do this soon when I get data enabled on the phone. Not sure what impact it will have on the bills…

I also uploaded some pics from Saturday when all "the boys" got together for a saturday walk for the first time in a while. On Khai's suggestion we went down to the Eveleigh train yards in Redfern which turned out to be a great spot. We even got up and close to a Steam engine as it emerged from it's home in the shed. Stupidly I didn't take a picture. Nice one.

More photo's are on my Flickr Page.

March 14, 2006

Trivial Pursuit for Refugees

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Our friend Sean Mullin’s mother is involved with an organisation called the Northern Beaches Refugee Sanctuary. They are doing some great things.

Basically every year the Australian govt gives permits to a certain number of refugees from terribly dangerous places like Sierra Leone to come to Australia legally (I think 6,000)

BUT they only fund flights for a small number of them (I think 2,000). The rest have to try to raise the money to fly over themselves. They only have a limited time to do this and if they don’t they loose the visa. Bad Luck if you’re poor or if you have a big family.

NBRS operate a micro-credit scheme where they loan people $2,000 for their flight over. Then they have two years to pay the money back after they get here. So money donated goes into a rolling fund to help more people come over. Which is a great idea.

She was telling us about them and invited us to their Trivial Pursuit fundraiser on the 25th of March.

We’re crap at Trivial Pursuit so we are hoping that some clever friends will come along and join our table. Tickets are only $20 and it’s on in Randwick, so no major distances to travel.

If you would like to come along please send us an email and we’ll add you to the list etc. All othes are welcome of course too as long as they are very brainy too.

February 7, 2006

Swati’s dancing for Indian Homeless

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One of my work-mates Swati just dropped off a leaflet for an event she is dancing in in April. It’s a fundraiser for Sri Lankan orphans and homeless women in India which sounds like a good cause. There’s a copy of the flyer linked here and the main website is linked here. It’s on the 8th of April in Bankstown. Tickets are $20 which is cheap.
The main reason I wanted to Post was to get this great photo of Swati out:
Swati in her Tarangini Dancing Costume
I think we’ll be going so if anyone else is keen then drop me an email and we’ll see you there.

Update: We are going: I got the tickets. Can’t wait!

January 7, 2006

The Boys at the park

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On Saturday mornings Rory and I often head out for a walk with Angus, his dad Patrick, Kai and his dad Dirk. Well we probably don’t all get our together as often as we used to, but it is fun to get together. People still stop, point and stare at three men with prams. Saturday was a perfect morning for it and we headed to O’Dea park (Salisbury Lane, Camperdown) where there’s a great playground. Later on we headed to the camping shop where Rory got a little intense in the tents.
There’s more photos at:

December 25, 2005

Rory and Jannene on Christmas Day

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Rory and Jannene on Christmas DayOriginally uploaded by NicksMyName.

Rory was delighted with this Santa suit but after about 2 minutes I think it got a little warm and it came straight off. Nice pic tho!

December 23, 2005

2005 Round Robin

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Jannene, Nick and Rory’s 2005

OK. So these Round Robin’s are really Daggy, but we have had a really big year and keeping in touch is hard despite the Internet, the phone, the postal system, the rumour mill etc. etc. so here’s a bit of a rundown on the latest from our little family in Oz.

Rory turned two in September and continues to amaze and enchant us with every new word, trick, colour, feat etc. that he produces. He can pick the “R in RORY? written in any script at any angle at up to 100 metres. He can count up to twenty on occasion, but doesn’t reliably count more than two objects very often yet. He can climb up onto and over almost anything and will jump off anything that is not equipped with safety netting. He’s brilliant at sharing other people’s toys but is still quite protective of his own. He brings a huge amount of joy and an uncountable number of dirty nappies into our lives.

Nick had a big year too. He finally finished his Masters of IT at Sydney University which was a huge load off his back and instantly gave him a few extra nights of free time that had sorely been missing. Somehow this free time disappeared almost as soon as it was exposed to the huge great sucking vacuum that is life, but the momentary change of pressure was nice.

He has spent a fair bit of that free time with his volunteer work with the Homeless at Teresa House. Sometimes it takes up a lot of free evenings, but it’s very rewarding and would be very hard to give up.

Work has been “interesting?. To cut a long story short I am hoping to get into a more interesting job somewhere else within Telstra soon. Fingers crossed.

Getting to spend more time with Rory has of course been the big highlight and these days he won’t go to sleep without hearing the Ballybraid stories of Piddler and The Crow. If you don’t know these stories drop over ca. 8pm and have a listen!

Jannene started the year working at Virbac three days a week. After a few broken promises and being stuffed about she went looking around and got a 3 day a week job at the Australia Quarantine Service. It involves checking the health and credentials of domestic animals that are being imported and exported from Sydney. Mostly these are people’s pets who they want to take overseas, but there is the odd horse or canister of semen (non-human as far as she knows!). The new environment has been a very welcome change however the contract will finish in July so she’s having a look around at what’s next.

We had a fantastic Easter when Pauline, Hugues, Fionnuala, Ben, Suki and Lucy all came over to visit us here. We spent some great times in the Blue Mountains and Jervis Bay. Wow. It seems like a long time ago now. Rory and Lucy met at last and caused complete Chaos.

They got to meet again when we went back to Ireland and the UK for a short trip in September. We spent some time with Nick’s granny; Chantal Chantal with Nick and Rorywho is no spring chicken these days but despite her frailness was in good form and displayed some amazing feats of memory and humour. She doesn’t fair so well in groups, but at her age I think that’s fair enough!

We also squeezed in a little socialising and a lot of good times. Socialising in Dublin Rory got to meet Tina, Dan, Grandad and Delphine for the first time and would gladly have spent the rest of his life on their trampoline in Wicklow. Ireland was looking wonderfully green, but it’s hard to fully associate the Wicklow we used to visit with the playground for Dublin’s wealthy that it is rapidly becoming.

We’re looking forward to an even bigger 2006 so stay in touch. I promise that I will get more updates onto Keep your eyes peeled!

Have a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and Safe New Year.

Lots of love,

Nick, Jannene and Rory.


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A Very Merry Christmas to everyone from Nick, Rory and Jannene! Hope you have a very peaceful and safe Christmas.
Christmas 2005 Photo
So this is my first Blog post. This blog is really just a continuation of what I have been doing on the website, but I’ve moved to a Blog to save the HTML / FTP / etc. hassle so hopefully I can update more often.

I wasn’t going to put anything on just yet, but Adam caught me out so I have to things going.

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