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March 12, 2008

Christiana’s photos of Jannene and the boys

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Jannene’s friend Christiana took some fantastic photo’s of Jannene and the boys in Sandymount park last week.

There are some more pictures here.


October 4, 2006

First Photos of Luke

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Jannene and Luke came home after just one day in hospital and are both doing brilliantly. The first thing Rory did today was to bring Luke’s teddy in for him so that seems to be going well too. Anyway at last I have a few photos up.

Click on the photo to see the full album:


He is very cute. He was only a few hours old when we took these and he’s still looking a bit scratched and squished up.  I’ll take some more today and get them up very soon.

October 2, 2006

luke francis

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Jannene and nick are very proud to announce the birth of Luke Francis. Born just after midday today the 2nd of October. 3.59kg. 50cm. Particularly cute. Mum and bub are both very well. Photos to follow at some stage.

we’re in business.

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Yes, we have contractions. We’ve just arrived at the hospital. Seems like the baby really was waiting for labor day or else it was the madhur jaffreys okra and potato curry I made nice and spicy for dinner. Stay tuned.

October 1, 2006

due day plus one and no news

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It’s been a lovely day. We went to visit Rosina and Chris and their very cute little Molly who is just three weeks old. The baby wasn’t impressed enough to immediately come out and party though and decided that another day in the warmth and peacefulness of the womb was a pretty good prospect. Some swimming for mum and bike riding in the park for Dad and Rory and another evening to try and agree a couple of names.
Stay tuned. Tommorow is “Labor Day” so the baby’s probably been hanging out for that.

September 30, 2006

today is due day

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Well according to the doctors,it was due day but the baby obviously has other ideas. So despite a hot thai curry last night and plenty of walking about today, other than a few drop kicks to the bladder there hasn’t been any action so far, but there’s a few hours left to prove the doctors right. We have had quite a few “enquiry” phone calls and Dirk is on standby for Rorysitting duties.
Watch this space for news as it happens!

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