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November 27, 2008

Ben and his Mo

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Ben’s been growing a moustache for charity. He looks truly horrendous.

So I thought I would put it on the web!!


Movember - Sponsor Me


May 7, 2008

The Alps, Paris and Cork

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We’ve been making the most of our weekends and holidays over the last couple of months. First the whole family,  Ben, Suki co,  Fionnuala, Alan, Mum and Hugues went to Hugue’s family’s place in Serre Chevalier in the French Alps for Easter.  I managed to sneak in a bit of Snowboarding and discovered that I wasn’t quite as creaky as I thought I was.  The first few days involved a LOT of falling over, but with a few lessons behind me and a bit of practice I was cruising down the mountain.  Rory went to Ski school and did a stormer (watch video here). Jannene sort of drew the short straw as she was too preggers for skiing.  I owe her majorly.  All the photos are here (thanks to Mum for some of the pictures!). Keeping up the French theme (I am a quarfter French blood you know), Rory and I nipped over to Paris for a weekend with Mum and Hugues a few weeks back.  We had a fab time. Mum’s apartment is fantastic.  Right near the Eiffel tower so it basically formed a backdrop to the whole weekend.  Excuse me if there are rather a lot of shots with the same background, but it is some landmark. All the pics are here. And lastly Patrick and Bridget are over visiting from Sydney so we all jumped in the cars and drove down to Cork for the weekend.  There’s probably  more photos to come, but in the meantime here’s a couple including one with a very big cruise ship in the background. We even ran into Paul Hogan while we were there. Should put a few more pics up once Jannene is back with the camera.

March 12, 2008

Christiana’s photos of Jannene and the boys

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Originally uploaded by christiana_childers

Jannene’s friend Christiana took some fantastic photo’s of Jannene and the boys in Sandymount park last week.

There are some more pictures here.

October 4, 2006

First Photos of Luke

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Jannene and Luke came home after just one day in hospital and are both doing brilliantly. The first thing Rory did today was to bring Luke’s teddy in for him so that seems to be going well too. Anyway at last I have a few photos up.

Click on the photo to see the full album:


He is very cute. He was only a few hours old when we took these and he’s still looking a bit scratched and squished up.  I’ll take some more today and get them up very soon.

October 2, 2006

luke francis

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Jannene and nick are very proud to announce the birth of Luke Francis. Born just after midday today the 2nd of October. 3.59kg. 50cm. Particularly cute. Mum and bub are both very well. Photos to follow at some stage.

we’re in business.

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Yes, we have contractions. We’ve just arrived at the hospital. Seems like the baby really was waiting for labor day or else it was the madhur jaffreys okra and potato curry I made nice and spicy for dinner. Stay tuned.

October 1, 2006

due day plus one and no news

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It’s been a lovely day. We went to visit Rosina and Chris and their very cute little Molly who is just three weeks old. The baby wasn’t impressed enough to immediately come out and party though and decided that another day in the warmth and peacefulness of the womb was a pretty good prospect. Some swimming for mum and bike riding in the park for Dad and Rory and another evening to try and agree a couple of names.
Stay tuned. Tommorow is “Labor Day” so the baby’s probably been hanging out for that.

September 30, 2006

today is due day

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Well according to the doctors,it was due day but the baby obviously has other ideas. So despite a hot thai curry last night and plenty of walking about today, other than a few drop kicks to the bladder there hasn’t been any action so far, but there’s a few hours left to prove the doctors right. We have had quite a few “enquiry” phone calls and Dirk is on standby for Rorysitting duties.
Watch this space for news as it happens!

September 27, 2006

Our Tasmania Trip

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It’s a bit overdue, but since I’m up late I thought I might as well stay up a little later and get the photos from this Winter’s trip to Tasmania online.

The first half of the trip we stayed in Stanley in the far NorthWest of Tasmania (here’s a Google Map of the location). It’s a very cute old Whaling town which is overshadowed by “The Nut” an imposing bit of rock peninsula that is a fun challenge to walk up when the Chair Lift is out of order. We were celebrating Carolyn’s Birthday and Bernadette and Family came up from Launceston to join us and Andrew, Louise and Pauline B flew down too. It was one big group of people!

We visited a Tourist Attraction called “Dismal Swamp” which was sort of fun. It’s a large Sink Hole that they have almost managed to make interesting. There was a huge slide you could do down to the bottom of the Sink Hole. It was actually a lot faster and rougher than we expected. It was fun, but I had back pain for days after all the jolts I got going down and Andrew was in pain too. I think they need to iron out a few kinks in the slide.

The second half Jannene, Rory and I spent in Cradle Mountain National Park. An absolutely stunning place. Here’s a Google Aerial Map to give you a picture of the isolation. We stayed in the Waldheim Huts within the Park and had cheeky Possums, Pademelons, Wallabies and Wombats walking all over the place (Check out the Video of the Wombats if you haven’t already).

Check out the full Photo Album by clicking on the image below:


September 26, 2006

Rory, Southerly, Bob the Builder and Historical Trains Galore.

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All right. A few photos to get up and I thought I would try out Google’s Picasa Web Albums since I have run out of free space on my Flickr Account. First impressions are mixed. The Picasa client is way ahead of Flickr’s Uploadr tool, but they have a long way to go to match Flickr’s online interface. Google just feels clunky. But what do you care anyway. You just want the pictures.

So here we go. Here’s a few recent photos including Dirk and Kyong’s newly born son Southerly (or “Snuggly” as Rory affectionately calls him). Click on the picture below to go to the album page:

And here’s some photos from two recent special old train rides; on an old Motorised Train that took us around a circuit of Sydney’s suburbs, and a recent trip aboard the Steam Train in the Blue Mountains Zig Zag Railway. Again, click on the picture to go to the full album:


Sydney Historical Trains Winter 2006

Now I will bet this post will get more traffic than any other. On my old website it was always the steam train pictures that got lots of visitors.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news right here as it happens!

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