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September 27, 2006

Our Tasmania Trip

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It’s a bit overdue, but since I’m up late I thought I might as well stay up a little later and get the photos from this Winter’s trip to Tasmania online.

The first half of the trip we stayed in Stanley in the far NorthWest of Tasmania (here’s a Google Map of the location). It’s a very cute old Whaling town which is overshadowed by “The Nut” an imposing bit of rock peninsula that is a fun challenge to walk up when the Chair Lift is out of order. We were celebrating Carolyn’s Birthday and Bernadette and Family came up from Launceston to join us and Andrew, Louise and Pauline B flew down too. It was one big group of people!

We visited a Tourist Attraction called “Dismal Swamp” which was sort of fun. It’s a large Sink Hole that they have almost managed to make interesting. There was a huge slide you could do down to the bottom of the Sink Hole. It was actually a lot faster and rougher than we expected. It was fun, but I had back pain for days after all the jolts I got going down and Andrew was in pain too. I think they need to iron out a few kinks in the slide.

The second half Jannene, Rory and I spent in Cradle Mountain National Park. An absolutely stunning place. Here’s a Google Aerial Map to give you a picture of the isolation. We stayed in the Waldheim Huts within the Park and had cheeky Possums, Pademelons, Wallabies and Wombats walking all over the place (Check out the Video of the Wombats if you haven’t already).

Check out the full Photo Album by clicking on the image below:



August 1, 2006

Video of Wombats in Tasmania

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Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania was truly awesome. I should get some more photos of the trip to Tassie up on the web soon but I wanted to get this video of a couple of Wombats up quickly!

Now wombats are not actually very rare in Australia, but they were one of the few main native animals I hadn’t seen in the eight odd years I have been in Oz. We caught a peak of a Wombat running through the trees as we drove into the park, but it wasn’t until we went on the evening “Wombat Walk” with Bob the Ranger that we really got to see them. And best off were these two who were just ambling along enjoying the evening sunshine and ignoring us completely.


And here is an aerial picture of the park for those of you who like looking at maps of Tasmania!

June 22, 2006

Bushwalking in Glenbrook Gorge

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Kai explores the rock holes

A few weekends ago Dirk organised a buskwalk in Glenbrook Gorge in the Blue Mountains. Rory, Nick, Dirk, Kai and Grace had a great day in the depths of the gorge.

We basically walked from Glenbrook train station to Lapstone train station via the Gorge and the Nepean River and caught the train back.

Georgeous scenery. It was a bit rough for a while; the track dissapeared a lot and we had to do a lot of clambering over rocks and streams. Well recommended for the able bodied. Probably not brilliant if you have your 2 year old on your back. 9 Tough Kilometres x 18 kilo baby = very tired at the end!

There are more photos on Flickr.

You can make out the Gorge on this Google Maps aerial shot.

Dirk, what was the name of the Gorge again?

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