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August 1, 2006

Video of Wombats in Tasmania

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Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania was truly awesome. I should get some more photos of the trip to Tassie up on the web soon but I wanted to get this video of a couple of Wombats up quickly!

Now wombats are not actually very rare in Australia, but they were one of the few main native animals I hadn’t seen in the eight odd years I have been in Oz. We caught a peak of a Wombat running through the trees as we drove into the park, but it wasn’t until we went on the evening “Wombat Walk” with Bob the Ranger that we really got to see them. And best off were these two who were just ambling along enjoying the evening sunshine and ignoring us completely.


And here is an aerial picture of the park for those of you who like looking at maps of Tasmania!


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