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May 25, 2006

Rory gets back to Luna Park

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Rory rides the shuttle at Luna Park

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Rory has been doing toilet training for the last few weeks. We have had a sticker system going where Rory gets a sticker on the chart for every "Number Two" that he does in the toilet. Once the chart was full he got to go to Luna Park. This created an enormous amount of excitement over several weeks culminating on the big day.
A few solid weeks of dumping in the big loo finally paid off for Rory.

I had my new phone along which has a camera onboard so took a few shots. They're not bad. And very convenient to take since I don't have to carry the camera. Just have to work out a way to get them from my mobile to Flickr faster. Might be able to do this soon when I get data enabled on the phone. Not sure what impact it will have on the bills…

I also uploaded some pics from Saturday when all "the boys" got together for a saturday walk for the first time in a while. On Khai's suggestion we went down to the Eveleigh train yards in Redfern which turned out to be a great spot. We even got up and close to a Steam engine as it emerged from it's home in the shed. Stupidly I didn't take a picture. Nice one.

More photo's are on my Flickr Page.


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