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March 30, 2006

Camping at Jervis Bay

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Rory and the Sand Man

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A few weeks back we went on a Camping trip to Jervis Bay; about 2 hours south of Sydney. It's a beautiful spot.
We camped in the National Parks campsite at Green Patch. Brilliant campsite and just yards from the most pristine beach. Gorgeous. We caught the last of the summer weather. Sunny, not too hot at night; perfect.
Khai, Kyong, Dirk, Grace and some friends of theirs came along too. Rory of course was super excited by the whole camping thing. Luckily the non-stop running around the campsite all day made for some good sleeps so at least we weren't up at the crack of dawn every day. There are more photos on my Flickr site here.


Boys Day Out March 2006

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Rory at the Opera House

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Dirk hatched a plan to go for a ferry ride with Rory and Khai. Khai and Dirk missed their train and while we were waiting we ventured along to the Opera House for a stroll. Rory spotted the Big Wheel at Luna Park and that was it. He was obsessed. Luckily Khai and Dirk were up for it so we all went over to Luna Park and took Rory and Khai on a few rides. They loved it. Then we had a big ferry ride. Great day! All the pics are on this page on my Flickr site

March 17, 2006

I’m an Uncle again!!!

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Newborn Megan G

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I’m an uncle for the second time! Little Megan G was born yesterday.
Here’s the news from Ben:
“Well she’s arrived a week early but is doing great!! Megan was born this morning and weighed in at 8lbs 2oz and is another beauty!! Mum and Megan are both doing really well.”
So cool. She’s abosolutely georgeous. In fact she looks a lot like Lucy. Maybe the whole thing is a fake to get lots of childrens clothes and toys.
Suki looks brilliant. Apparently the whole thing was over in two pushes.

All the pictures are here. I’ll add more as they come in.
Fantastic news.

March 14, 2006

Trivial Pursuit for Refugees

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Our friend Sean Mullin’s mother is involved with an organisation called the Northern Beaches Refugee Sanctuary. They are doing some great things.

Basically every year the Australian govt gives permits to a certain number of refugees from terribly dangerous places like Sierra Leone to come to Australia legally (I think 6,000)

BUT they only fund flights for a small number of them (I think 2,000). The rest have to try to raise the money to fly over themselves. They only have a limited time to do this and if they don’t they loose the visa. Bad Luck if you’re poor or if you have a big family.

NBRS operate a micro-credit scheme where they loan people $2,000 for their flight over. Then they have two years to pay the money back after they get here. So money donated goes into a rolling fund to help more people come over. Which is a great idea.

She was telling us about them and invited us to their Trivial Pursuit fundraiser on the 25th of March.

We’re crap at Trivial Pursuit so we are hoping that some clever friends will come along and join our table. Tickets are only $20 and it’s on in Randwick, so no major distances to travel.

If you would like to come along please send us an email and we’ll add you to the list etc. All othes are welcome of course too as long as they are very brainy too.

March 2, 2006

The Teresa House Dinner Dance

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Virginia gets down

We had our annual Fundraising Dinner Dance for Teresa House the weekend before last. There was months of preparation involved (mostly by Jannene, Mike and Chloe mind you!) but it was a brilliant night. We had about 200 people there and raised about $15,000 for Teresa House and Cana Communities. The highlight this year was once again the dancing competition. I think this pic of Vin was actually after the competition but if you go through the photo’s at this link there are some great shots.
Great night was had by all.

Since then unfortunately we had an incident with an aggresive guest, the house was burgled and the floor downstairs began to cave in so the euphoria has faded a little but never mind!
Thanks to all the friends who supported us by coming along or making donations. It really helps.
For the friends who didn’t; we’ll be back again next year!

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