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January 31, 2006

Australian Photo Archive Site

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Just stumbled across a link to a cool website. The National Library has been putting a lot of archived photos online. They seem to come from a lot of different sources, but there are lots of great old photo’s of Newtown in there.

The only picture of our street is from 1968 of: “the Alleged accident at Gully Grate”. The houses you can see are actually on Wilson Street, but the Gully Grate is ours!!

1968 Photo of Street in Newtown

If you search on “Newtown” though you get a lot more results. Newtown has always embraced cutting edge fashions:
Fancy Dress Photo in Newtown, 1927

Fascinating Stuff. There’s even photos of Dulwich Hill in there. Have fun!


January 16, 2006

Bushwalking near Mittagong and in the Blue Mountains

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Old Railway Tunnel at Joida CreekOriginally uploaded by NicksMyName.

During the Christmas break we went on a couple of good bush-walks. This photo was on a good walk near Mittagong. It ended soon after this fantastic tunnel that was carved out of the mountain to allow coal to be transported from the mine on the far side. I can tell you that a good hour with Rory on your back saps your energy. I think it was at Joida Creek, but I am not 100% on that.
It was close to Mittagong. Maybe.
We also spent a fun day in the Blue Mountains with Khaled. We had the perfect weather for both walks: not too hot; blue sky; a little wind.
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January 7, 2006

The Boys at the park

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On Saturday mornings Rory and I often head out for a walk with Angus, his dad Patrick, Kai and his dad Dirk. Well we probably don’t all get our together as often as we used to, but it is fun to get together. People still stop, point and stare at three men with prams. Saturday was a perfect morning for it and we headed to O’Dea park (Salisbury Lane, Camperdown) where there’s a great playground. Later on we headed to the camping shop where Rory got a little intense in the tents.
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