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December 18, 2005

The Anti-Violence March in Sydney on the 18th of December

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The Crowd at Town Hall at the start of the MarchOriginally uploaded by NicksMyName.

After an incident on Cronulla Beach where two lifeguards were attacked by a bunch of thugs, a succession of racially focussed attacks happened in Sydney culminating in a riot the following weekend in Cronulla. It was shocking to see this happen in Australia. We were disgusted at the racists, the thugs, the media’s tacit support for the “These people should learn to behave more like us or they don’t belong here” theme and the many politicians who didn’t have the guts to condemn everyone involved.

A bunch of student groups hastily organised an Anti-Violence Rally in the city. We went along to give our support. There were the usual speeches which went from the powerful to the ridiculous (“…at the next Census write your religion down as Islamic Sympathiser”). It ended up in Belmore Park where we ran into Sean and Fiona. It was a beautiful day and there was a great atmosphere.

There are more photos at

We left for Vegetarian Yum Cha before the speeches started again. Mmmm.

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